#8 Summer Must-have Recommended Shoes: Bloafer
  • Date : 2018.05.17
  • No : 1598
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Nowadays,​ 'B​loafer' is i​n the middle of the fashion

You can arouse a comfy atmostphere in chich and fancy mood, 

with the case of this item, 

and this item has been loved a lot from 20s and 30s filling their shoes closet with this.

This item, a Bloafer, shapes like a normal dress shoes at the front side 
but also it’s comfy since the backward is opened just like a slippers.​

- Bloafer Fashion Style in a street -

As you can see on the upper pictures, 

the bloafer is fancy like a dress shoes and comfy like a slipper, 

so you can use this in high-end mood just with slacks, jeans like normal fashions.​

Let's shop above looks at below!


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