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Why the payment place is divided into two sections?
As 'Overnight Delivery' category has added, the payment section is divided into two with 'General payment' and 'Overnight Delivery payment'.
The 'Overnight Delivery' items will be put in 'Overnight Delivery payment' section, and other general items will be put in 'General payment' section.
If you want to get two different typed items: Overnight delivery items & General shipping items, since the payment is differentiated, you should make two different payments.
Please note that the payment type is more various on 'Overnight Delivery payment' section.
Also it takes about 2-5 days to be delivered in the case of 'Overnight Delivery' items, and it takes 10-14 days for 'General Delivery' items. Please refer this too.
Q. Why did my payment fail on Mobile?
Mobile payments are blocked due to Card theft for Customer security concerns.

Please pay on the website.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Q. Why did my payment fail?
If your payment for an order was unsuccessful, it may have been for the following reasons:
The card number was invalid, insufficient funds, limit exceeded, verification unsuccessful.
Please make sure it.

Or, try again via Chrome or Explorer.
Q. What do I do if the payment amount deducted is incorrect?
KRW is the base currency we use for OKDGG payment.
The prices will be shown as KRW in each payments statement.
The reason prices are shown in different currency is for customers convenience

Additionally, there is amount differences possibility between when making payment and when credit card company approved the payment due to exchange rate and commission.(in case of Paypal 3.5% commission of total cost)

exchange rate between when making payment and when final amount of money was approved by credit card company and that is why there is amount differences.
Q. What payment methods can I use?
For 'General delivery' payment: you can pay by Alipay / Credit(Visa, Mastercard) / Unionpay / Paypal.
For 'Overnight delivery' payment: you can pay by Alipay / Credit(Visa, Mastercard) / Unionpay / Paypal / JCB / econtext / American Express / WeChat Pay

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