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Q. Why do I needs ID verification?
OKDGG can request you for the verification with a copy of your personal ID card (Driver license etc which is shows name / date of birth) and the card billing address (which shows your Name and Address) according to policy of e-commerce business.

1) When you purchase through OKDGG at first time
2) When you purchase over $500
3) When the destination country is different with the transaction country

This is needed to ensure the safety of your shipping and the informed picture will be removed in 5hours after we check it. Once the confirmation for ID picture or the address is completed, the order will be activated normally. We are apologize for the inconvenience.
Brazil Tax ID confirmation
Due to Brazil customs policy, every parcels coming to Brazil needs to have TAX ID, otherwise parcels will be return back to sender.

Example) If the recipient is an individual: CPF (12345678 / 1234-12)
If the recipient is a company: CNPJ (12345678 / 1234-12)

* Fast delivery shipment would be arranged when confirming us ID fast.

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